Friday, September 25, 2009

TV Commercial for

This is our first TV spot for

Saturday, June 20, 2009

O'Malleys March @ River Concert in St. Mary's City, Md, June 19, 2009

On Friday, June 19, 2009, after naming Prince Frederick Maryland's Capital for a day, Governor Martin O'Malley and his entourage spent the day in Calvert County.  

Later that night, Governor O'Malley and his Celtic band, O'Malley's March, headed south to St. Mary's City in St. Mary's County where they helped close the first River Concert of 2009.

The following performance is the one number they performed without the backing the of the Chesapeake Orchestra, the headliner for the evening.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Websites for is forging ahead stronger each day. We now have a dedicated BLOG where you can learn about what's coming up on future shows as well as other useful information. also has a page on Facebook. Please stop by and become a fan.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hear on your iPhone

We successfully played on an iPhone today. All you need is a $7 application from the iTunes Store called WunderRadio.

We are not yet listed in their pre-programmed station directory, so for the time being you need to specify the stream URL of

Our Police & Fire scanners are already listed in their directory.

Wunder Radio is also available for Windows Mobile and the iPod Touch.

More information is available on their website at

There are also other Internet Radio apps available for iPhone, but we have not tested them. One is Tuner Internet Radio from Nullriver, Inc. for $5.99. More info is available on their website.

Monday, June 1, 2009 Has a New Telephone Number

Effective Monday, June 1, 2009, has a new central telephone number. Just dial 1-888-612-0003 toll-free to reach all departments, including the on-air DJ for (option 3), and our listener comment line (option 4). This number will also accept incoming faxes.

Please note that our two previous numbers, the customer line (240-384-0723) and the fax line (240-384-0724) will be disconnected soon. Please update your address books.

Calvert and St. Mary's Public Safety Scanners Updated

We recently moved the streaming feeds for the Calvert and St. Mary's County Public Safety Scanner feeds. The updates are reflected on the Scanner page at If you were connecting directly using the old streaming URLs, please be sure to update your system.

We are also hoping to raise the antenna for the St. Mary's feed in order to bring in a better signal incoming days. We appreciate your patience as we strive to improve the service. Soft Launched Monday, June 1, at 0700, Southern Maryland's first real streaming internet radio station, soft launched Monday morning at 0700 with Host John Hunt Live until noon. will focus on the community in a way long ignored by the local terrestrial station cluster. We're playing adult alternative music with a local artist featured every hour. CBS news complements our local news and public service announcements.

John will be taking live calls later in the week. We also have a 7x24 listener line at 240-538-9161 (or toll free at 1-888-612-0003, opt 4) where you record a message for airplay. Contact the station using radio(at)

Local artists are invited to contact us to arrange airplay for your music.

Players and player links are available at If you have problems connecting, please try the secondary server listed under the player links. If you are still unable to connect, please email radio(at) and let us know your circumstances so we can come up with a solution.

In case you were wondering, a soft launch is a public beta test. It allows us to find and resolve issues that we could not address in private testing.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Southern Calvert Gazette Launches on Thursday, May 21

Southern Maryland Publishing Company, producer of The County Times, is expanding their coverage today.  The premier edition of the Southern Calvert Gazette will be available on local newsstands on Thursday, May 21.  The paper will be published on the first and third Thursday of the month.  As with the County Times, the Gazette will be free for readers, with the cost being borne by advertisers. Southern Maryland Online is pleased to publish the online edition of both papers.

Vitist for the current edition and the complete archive of both papers.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Leonardtown Website Has New Blog

The official Leonardtown site has a new blog section. We've also made some minor tweaks to the site overall to improve appearance and content.

Friday, April 10, 2009

So. Md. Food Bank Has a New Blog

We just set up a new blog for the So. Md. Food Bank at This will enable Brenda DiCarlo, manager of the Hughesville-based operation, to post news, events, and the latest pleas for help. For more info about the Food Bank, including locations of pantries and kitchens, and info on how to make a donation, please visit our main website at

As Brenda always says, "Together We CAN Make A Difference!"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Updated Public Safety Radio Scanner Features

Last week we gave the Southern Maryland Public Safety Radio Scanners page a facelift and added some new features.

First, we added a built-in player for each channel. If you are using a Mozilla-based browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) -- such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari -- you may have to install the Windows Media Plug-in in order to use the on-page players. If it is not already installed on your PC, you will be prompted to perform the install. You do not need to use the on-page players. You can still click on one of the small icons to launch an external media player.

We also dropped the PAXRVR NAS feed and changed Scanner FOUR to be a feed for St. Mary's County using Windows Media Server technology instead of the MP3 stream used for the other three channels. This allows us to stream using lower bandwidth (11Kbps vs 24Kbps) and reduce the time lag between what you hear and real world broadcasts. Using the new feed we have noted lags of 15 seconds compared to 90 seconds or more using the MP3 stream. Channel THREE is still supporting the MP3 stream for St. Mary's County. We plan to drop one of the two channels in the future depending upon which one proves more successful with users.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring 2009 So. Maryland - This is Living Magazine Online

The Spring 2009 edition is now online and hardcopies will be on news stands by April 1.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Southern Maryland BOINC

More info coming about BOINC soon....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Video Tutorials

We've just introduced two new video tutorials.

The first demonstrates how to embed a YouTube or Hulu video into a Forum post.

The second demonstrates some of the features of the new online reader for the County Times newspaper.

We hope you find them helpful.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

somd.NET E-Mail Account Signups Enabled

Signups for free somd.NET E-Mail have been re-enabled effective today.  Signups were disabled a few weeks ago due to a problem with abuse by Spammers.  Visit to signup.  Please note that this service is provided by a third-party, who is also responsible for technical support.

We also offer the superior somd.US and somd.BIZ email service based on Google GMAIL.  To prevent spammers and scammers from using this service, we require a real name and some other basic information to confirm your status as a resident of southern Maryland. Visit for more information.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Walden-Sierra Documentary

The program, produced by St. Mary's County Government, features Walden/Sierra staff explaining the agency's crisis services, counseling and substance abuse treatment programs. The agency's 24-hour crisis hotline, 301-863-6661, is funded by St. Mary's County Government, and is staffed by professional counselors. The number of calls to the hotline continues to increase. Walden/Sierra, Inc., is dedicated to providing help and hope to courageous individuals healing from trauma and addiction. More information on this agency can be found at

The video is a job well done by Amy Carter of the County government.  Amy wrote, filmed, edited, and narrated the production.

Fox 5 News Feature Story on So. Md. Food Bank

Brenda DiCarlo, of the So. Md. Food Bank, is interviewed by the Fox 5 News team. (Photo: John Richards)

In case you missed it, Fox 5 TV News ran a feature story on the Southern Maryland Food Bank in Hughesville.  As we go into a depression, more and more people are looking to local food pantries and soup kitchens for food, and the Food Bank is having a tough time keeping up.  The Food Bank is the place the pantries and kitchens go for their supplies --  the Bank does not provide food directly to the people

The video is here:

The website includes the locations of all of the pantries and kitchens in So. Md., as well as info on how you can contribute either time or money.  The site is graciously maintained by John Richards of Leonardtown.

Tracking Snow Closings for First of March

Looks like we have a reasonable chance of getting some moderate snowfall (4-8" being predicted).  Snow in Southern Maryland typically means everything closes or starts early.  We'll be tracking all that information in this Forum thread:

If you have information about a schedule change for your group or organization, post it in the thread or email us at closings (at) .

Photos from the SMCM Jazz Reunion Concert on Sat., Feb. 28

More info about the show is in this article.

Friday, February 27, 2009

We Now Have a Facebook Page

Seems like everyone has a Facebook page these days and we felt left out.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shortcuts for Subdomains

We setup some shortcuts for those of us who still type our URLs directly into the browser: --> -->

SOMD.TV: Obama State of the Economy Address on 24-Feb-2009

Pres. Obama addresses the nation before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, Feb. 24.  We posted the video to

Monday, February 23, 2009

Embed Videos in Forum Posts

Just added support for -- the new site that provides free HQ viewing of current and historic TV shows from several popular networks.

To embed a Hulu video in your post, use BBCode:


Get the HuluID from the embded code they generate when you lick on the Embded link for the video of interest:

<object width="512" height="296"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="512" height="296"></embed></object>

where the huluID in this example is: gcNujLr0EWaTTCbO1D2OEQ

With this addition, we now support embed videos from the following sites:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Feature: Month in Photos

We've been testing a new feature the past few weeks called Southern Maryland in Photos.  Every month we compile news and human interest photos and display them in select locations throughout  Currently we display a small slideshow at the bottom of every headline news article.  We also display a larger slideshow on the main news index page.

Here is the slideshow for Feb. 2009:

If you snap a few photos that are newsworthy, or of interest to the local community, and would like to see them included in the monthly photo feature, please email them to pics (at)  Please be sure to include the following:

* The photo(s).  Please submit the photo in JPEG or PNG format.  We prefer a resolution of 1024x768 pixels or higher, but we'll accept anything down to 640x480 (VGA).  Most modern cell phones will shoot at least 640x48o pixels.

* Your name.  If you wish to remain anonymous, please so state.  But, we still need your real name to protect us against any future copyright claims. Oh, and please only submit photos that you personally took.  We can not accept third party submissions due to stringent copyright laws.

* A brief caption detailing what is happening in the photo.  Please be concise, but specific enough that a total stranger would understand what is happening.

* The date the photo was taken.  Please do not submit photos that are more than 2 weeks old.

We are currently working on an archive page where readers can view all slideshows for prior months.

P.S. Any photos that are submitted with press releases are automatically considered for this feature.  There is no need to submit photos twice.

Letter About Obama's Fitness sees 14,000+ Views

Within minutes after posting this Letter to the Editor about President-elect Obama's physical fitness, Google News picked it up and kept it on their front page.

The letter was posted around noon on Nov. 09. By the evening there were more than 14,000 page views. As of today, there are 14,715 page views (14,347 Unique views).  This is the most views we have ever received for any news article as of the publication date.

Embed More Video File Types in Forum Posts

We've expanded the types of video files that can be embedded in forum posts. Now supporting:

-- YouTube
-- EyeBlast
-- RedLasso

Complete details are here in this thread:

We must use this method (as opposed to simply pasting the embed code from the video hosting sites) because of security concerns. Allowing any reader to post HTML code in a post opens up an entire world of potential security problems.

If there are other formats you would like to see supported, please write to us.  You could also post in the aforementioned thread, but chances are I won't see it for months.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wiki Progress, Search Coming Back to Speed

The wiki project is progressing nicely:

Authors are still invited to apply.  Just write to us and let us know what topic(s) you would be interested in writing about and tell us a little about your background.  You can also just submit articles for us to post if you don't care to be a full-time author.

The wiki is now back in the master search engine:

The forums are also being worked back into the master search engine as I write this. The engine provides an integrated search engine for every thing So. Maryland. All the good, authoritative information with the junk filtered out.

New Printer Friendly Page for News Articles

We now have a printer friendly page utility for all headline news articles. The utility strips out all non-essential information and only displays the Title, post date, and article. Press CONTROL-P when viewing the page to send it to your printer.

See the "Printer Friendly Page" link in the left column of all news articles immediately above the RSS and Twitter icons.

This is my Green initiative for the week. Save printer paper...

Archiving Photo & Video files

I will be archiving our photo and video libraries to online services, to enhance the sharing of the Southern Maryland Experience.

Photos will be on Google Picasa Web Albums:

Videos will be on

Of course, our select photos will still be catalogued in our own Photo Gallery:

Register forum members can also post here. Premo members can go outside of their private album and post in categories created by our editor.

New Blog to Keep You Informed

We've opened this dedicated blog to let our readers know what's going on with -- what's new and what's going on behind the scenes.  If you ever have suggestions for how we can improve, please email us at webmaster (at)

P.S. I'll be copying many of my important past posts from my personal blog to this blog.  As such, you'll see alot of posts dated today for enhancements that we rolled out in the past few weeks. on Twitter

If you're interested in the latest local headline news, be sure to follow us on Twitter: