Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Folks Had Problems Buying Firewood This Year

A common local consumer complaint during the winter months is being shortchanged when buying firewood.  Firewood is typically sold by the cord, which is a stack of wood 4-feet by 4-feet by 8-feet.

There are a few important things to know before buying and what you can do if you think you were cheated.  Find out more here...

Headline News Twitter Feed Repaired

Our Headline News to Twitter feed is once again operational.  They changed their authentication model for the API and we had to modify our code and upgrade a module.  Thanks for your patience!

Headline News Page Updated

I have finally fixed and updated the Headline News page.  Several of the other news sources were not reporting correctly due to changes on the remote site.  New news sources have been added and those pesky funky characters that sometimes appeared in headlines are also gone.

If you have suggestions for other local news sites you would like to see presented, or any other suggestions at all about how we can better present local news, please let us know by writing to support (at)